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ShaleTest is a non-profit organization that collects environmental data and provides testing to lower income families and communities that are negatively impacted by shale oil and gas extraction. Tim Ruggiero and Calvin Tillman founded ShaleTest in 2010.  Based on the extraordinary need for this type of testing, the Earthworks organization agreed to act as ShaleTest’s fiscal sponsor. Earthworks is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting communities and the environment of irresponsible mineral and energy development while seeking sustainable solutions.

After years of first-hand experience ShaleTest founders, Calvin and Tim decided to take their personal stories on the road and share their accounts with others who were also affected by gas development. While touring the Marcellus Shale they witnessed hundreds of people who were tragically impacted, primarily their health, through contaminated water and air. This is also what convinced Calvin and Tim that comprehensive environmental testing was something that was needed; there just simply isn’t any regulatory agency providing accurate or comprehensive testing.

ShaleTest is the only organization that provides free and certified environmental testing to those negatively impacted by natural gas development. ShaleTest also ensures the testing is comprehensive, unlike the federal and state regulators, which have been known to omit toxins that are associated with shale oil and gas drilling and development. The reporting from our testing is made available for the benefit of all citizens, scientists and grassroots organizations to use for education, research, and community outreach.

We consider our greatest accomplishment to-date the extensive environmental air testing we provided for the largest health impact survey for those living near oil and gas facilities – the report is called Gas Patch Roulette. Our data verified consistent health complaints in conjunction with certain chemical exposure and with proximity to natural gas development.  This testing helped connect the dots between health symptoms and the gas development. The findings of this study stand in strong contrast to statements made by industry representatives and policymakers seeking to expand drilling by dismissing these claims of health impacts as personal anecdotes and isolated incidents.

Public health, safety, and environmental justices are basic human rights. Our goal with Shaletest is to bolster these rights through responsible and informed scientific testing, disclose and transparency. The results are provided to the client for them to use as best needed to improve their quality of life – whether for legal purposes, to petition for a fresh water supply, or to simply remove their children from a bad situation.

Board of Directors: Calvin Tillman, Tim Ruggiero, John Fenton, Kari Matsko, and Deb Thomas.

Advisors: Wilma Subra, Josh Fox, Sharon Wilson and environmental attorney Chris Nidel.

Location: ShaleTest.org is Headquartered in Texas, our mailing address is P.O. Box 594, Denton, TX, 76202.  ShaleTest has volunteers in 3 states and is continuing to search for more volunteers.

Interested in volunteering? Please send an email to ShaleTest with ‘Volunteer’ in the subject line.

Contact us:

Web site: www.shaletest.org   (preferred)

Email: calvin.shaletest@gmail.com

Phone: (530) 237-4558.

Disclaimer: ShaleTest.org is not affiliated with any political party and does not offer legal and/or medical/health advice.

You can download a copy of our fact sheet here.